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Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Album Theories, TikTok Videos

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Taylor Swift no longer believes in sleeping; she supports late nights with her next album, midnight, which means she’s finally catching up with her fans who religiously stay up all night waiting for new leads on social media, legitimate fan theories, and, lately, Swift’s own TikToks, released at midnight with no prior notice. Swifties latest project? Trying to figure out which dates lead to the midnight the launch could be an Easter egg. May 13 can’t happen again! While all the Easter eggs and theories are still coming together, here’s everything we know about the album so far. We will update frequently, probably around midnight.

After making a surprise album announcement at this year’s VMAs, Swift is releasing her 10th album, midnight, at midnight EST on October 21.

fast advertised midnight would have 13 tracks, but did not share the names of the actual songs. Some fans speculated that the song names would be “Track One”, “Track Two”, etc. However, when he posted a tik tok limited edition vinyl, parts of the video were blurred to hide the song names. If you zoom in on the blurred tracks, you can see that they are much longer than in the simulated photo.

She has a history of working with Target for exclusive merchandising. the reputation era had Swift-themed magazines, and the lover time had the lover diaries Goal announced that it will sell lavender-colored special edition vinyl and CDs; the latter will have three additional songs: an original song and two remixes (please don’t let this be a “willow” the second part).

I’m glad you asked! Based on the three special edition discs with new album art, midnight can be inspired by the music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Tik Toker @mrperfectlyfine13 noted that the electric piano (a Wurlitzer 206A) Swift is lying next to the jade green cover that was made in the mid-70s to early 80s. If used, the sound of midnight can be more like carpenters or moms and dadslike Tik Toker @kelseylikesthings noted Swift revealed that the back covers of the special edition vinyl turn into a clock, and the newly released images seem to confirm the Sound from the 60s to the 70s.

Target classified the album as pop, but as TikToker @saverswiftie I observe, folklore, alwaysY Fearless (Taylor Version) they are classified as pop albums even though their sounds are very different from each other.

according to a TikTok so fast fell during daylight hours on September 16, Jack Antonoff worked with her on midnight An unnamed birthday boy also worked on the album in some capacity, but fans are only shown a man’s arm in the corner of the video. Could it be Justin Vernon? Probably. However, no formal collaborations have been confirmed.. After rumors spread that 1975 would make a cameo appearance, matt healy denied that it would be on the album. But Swift prides herself on leaving Easter eggs well in advance, so that TikTok’s background song is interesting: “life you lead” sounds like a debut song from a mysterious new artist called “niceboy ed.” Are you a potential featured artist? Did Swift have anything to do with the song? Is this… Joe Alwyn?

Swift drops song names every night at (what else?) midnight. She started on September 21 by telling her fans that the 13th track would be called “Mastermind”. Other details, such as who appears in what, remain a mystery.

8th.”vigilante shit

Despite the endless amount of blind articles about an upcoming mega tour, Swift hasn’t made any announcements.


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