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Sharna Burgess celebrates 3 months of motherhood with a montage of her baby

Sharna Burgess counts herself as one lucky dancer mom.

In a recent video montage shared on her Instagram, the Australian “Dancing With the Stars” singer celebrated her new life as a mother.

A clip from Sharna Burgess’ Instagram post showing her holding her son Zane Walker Green@sharnaburgess via Instagram

“3 months of you 3 months of watching you grow up, being in awe of you and experiencing love like I’ve never known” she captioned the video post. “Motherhood is by far the best thing I have ever done and I am so grateful for all of it. The magic, the love, the fear, the sleepless nights and the memories of it all. I am the luckiest mom on earth.

The video in the post shows Burgess with her son Zane Walker Green (whom she shares with actor Brian Austin Green) shortly after giving birth and captures his growth and progress. Video clips show Burgess nursing, comforting Zane, and then swimming with him in a pool.

“It gave me goosebumps. So precious and happy for you,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section of the video post.

“The most PRECIOUS video!” another commented.

“So precious! Immerse yourself in every SECOND…it goes so fast,” one user advised. “And…OMG little Brian!!”

Burgess and Austin Green welcomed Zane earlier in the summer. In a post shared on her Instagram page in June, Sharna revealed the name and date of birth of her child.

“Zane Walker Green 06/28/2022 at 12:12 pm,” the caption read at the time. “My heart is now forever outside my body.”

In March, Burgess revealed during a Q&A with fans that her son was a surprise.

“I was on birth control,” she explained during a fan Q&A on her Instagram Stories. “We were thinking of trying it in the middle or end of this year lol. But the Universe made its own plan, found a window and went for it.”


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