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Neighbors provoke debate for wanting to call the police for the antics of the man’s doorbell

A woman has revealed that her neighbors plan to call the police on her husband for making faces at his doorbell camera.

In a post shared on Mumsnet on Monday, under the username woppsiedobags, she wrote that her husband has joked twice in front of their new neighbors’ doorbell camera, each time for 2-5 seconds.

He explained that what he does isn’t “nudity or swearing or anything, he’s just joking,” but his neighbors don’t appreciate his humor and have told the cartel that they plan to call the police because “they fear for his safety.”

A file image shows an angry neighbor yelling. A woman on Mumsnet wrote that her neighbors want to call the police on her husband for making faces at her doorbell camera.
fake images

An Xcelerant for Fathom Realty national survey of more than 1,000 adults found that 86 percent of Americans like their neighbors. It’s a sentiment that remains popular across all major demographic groups, including age, gender, race, and even political party.

Those who dislike their neighbors said their reasons are that they are too noisy, 50 percent; not respect the limits, 38 percent; and being nosy, 37 percent.

Another study, conducted by the Pew Research Center, found that 57 percent of American adults know only a few of their neighbors; and far fewer, just 26 percent, know most of them.

About two-thirds of Americans who know at least some of their neighbors would feel comfortable asking to lend them a set of keys for emergencies.

Residents of rural areas are more likely to know all or most of their neighbors than those in suburban and urban regions, but they are no more likely to interact with them.

Among the 459 users who commented on the thread, some believed woppsiedobags’s husband was acting childish, while others thought their neighbors were just boring.

One user, TrianglePlayer, wrote: “As long as it’s not nudity/threat etc, I think your neighbors are overreacting, even if it’s not funny.”

Thurlow asked, “What the hell did he do that made them fear for their lives?” while JubileeTissues wrote: “Probably scared to death. Sounds juvenile. Shame.”

Laurazzie wrote: “This is ridiculous. If I were just blabbing about [being silly] and by not acting threatening, the police will tell them that they are wasting their time. I’m sorry, you have some annoying and boring neighbors. If someone did that on my doorbell, I’d find it really funny.”

LookItsMeAgain wrote: “BOTH of you should go and HE should apologize. He’s an adult so he shouldn’t need anyone apologizing on his behalf. Don’t bring flowers etc as that’s unnecessary. He should grow up too!” .

news week could not verify the details of the case.

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