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KTLA’s Mark Mester fired after reaction to Lynette Romero’s departure

Anchor Mark Mester is no longer an employee of KTLA, Variety Has confirmed.

Mester was fired Thursday following a suspension after he criticized on air how the station dealt with the sudden departure of his co-anchor Lynette Romero. KTLA announced Romero’s departure last week without a goodbye message to viewers, drawing criticism on social media.

According to the Los Angeles Times, KTLA General Manager Janene Drafs announced Mester’s firing during a newsroom meeting. Mester is no longer listed as an anchor on the KTLA website.

KTLA news director Pete Saiers said in a statement to Variety:: “After 24 years, Lynette Romero has decided to stop presenting our weekend morning newscast. We really wanted her to stay and KTLA Management worked really hard to make that happen. Lynette decided to go for another chance. We hoped that she would record a farewell message for the viewers, but she refused. Lynette has been a wonderful member of the KTLA family and I wish her and her family the best.”

Mester and Romero co-hosted the station’s popular weekend morning show. On Saturday, Mester delivered an off-script speech about Romero’s departure, saying in part, “This is not how you treat someone who gave a lifetime of service to this station.”

Mester did not immediately respond to Varietycomment request.

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