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Don’t Worry Darling Review: What’s All the Fuss About?

8. It feels like they’re about to start singing. hair spray style.

9. Do women never go beyond their driveways? How do they get food? Do groceries magically appear in your cupboards?

10. NGL, those Victory signs are literally a huge red flag.

11. Now they’re doing these forced ballet lessons. We do not know that they are forced. but all the women we’ve met so far are doing it like this…

12. So it’s cooking, cleaning and dancing for women, right? Well then.

13. Random thought, but it feels a bit unusual to have so many Brits in a blockbuster movie like this, doesn’t it? You have Florence, Harry, Gemma Chan.

14. So there’s a new woman on the block and she looks absolutely terrified. She definitely doesn’t want to be there.

15. Florence keeps noticing weird things and having hallucinations. We’re not that far along, so this movie is already getting right into the vibes of this place not being what it seems.

16. Did anyone see Florence trip on midsummer and think. “Yeah, that worked, let’s do it again.”

17. How did Florence end up here?!? I guess that’s the main question really.

18. You’ve really mastered the *empty but also confused* look.


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