Monday, September 26, 2022

Jerry Owings


Coagulation Factor XI-Mediated Liver-Heart Crosstalk Protects Against Heart Failure | Sciences

Liver-derived coagulation factor XI induces a cardiac signaling pathway that protects against heart failure.

Government Review of Farm Subsidies ELMS Stokes Anger

In doubt is a major overhaul of farm subsidies that would pay public funds for environmental work.

Why is my iPhone’s depth effect wallpaper not working?

The iPhone lock screen got a facelift with the release of iOS 16. It now has a cool depth effect that lets parts of...

The first traces of opium use, found in Israel, may have been an “offering to the gods”

The earliest evidence of opium use in the ancient world was discovered in a burial site in central Israel dating to around the 14th...

Electric car charging costs approach gas prices for some

electric car being chargedThe cost of charging an electric car has risen due to rising energy prices, raising fears drivers will put off buying...

God save the Queue: how waiting to see the Queen’s coffin transformed people | Stephen Richer

A Something strange has happened since last week, when I wrote about how I and other social psychologists were studying the...

Sudden death of endangered sturgeons alarms Canadian biologists | Endangered species

When the first lanky, armored corpse was spotted in the mighty Nechako River in early September, Nikolaus Gantner and two colleagues climbed into a...

NASA postpones decision to bring Artemis I back to Vehicle Assembly Building due to Tropical Storm Ian

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! NASA says it is delaying a decision on whether to launch Artemis I on Tuesday...
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Fascists, Neo-Fascists and Post-Fascists: Italy’s Unreal Electoral Debate

A torn Fratelli d'Italia election poster a week before the Italian general election. (Stefano Guidi/Getty Images) subscribe to the nation Subscribe now for as little...

Are the walls really closing in on Trump this time?

His legal problems are getting worse. But they may not shoot it down.

Giorgia Meloni about to become Prime Minister of Italy

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy party, has a clear majority to win the post of Italy's prime minister after Sunday's election,...